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Charitable giving has been stuck at 2% of GDB, in 2016 Americans should focus their efforts in 2016 to shift the national scale of charitable giving to 3% of GDP.

"Instead of focusing on narrow tax incentives, it’s time for charities and foundations to set national goals for increasing the amount that Americans give to nonprofit organizations.

"For as long as records have been kept, charitable giving has remained stuck at about 2 percent of the gross domestic product. There may be a lot of reasons that we’ve never grown that number, but one surely is that we’ve never set a bigger national goal.

"As we open a year of presidential elections — and much deliberation about the state of the country — it’s the right time for nonprofits to decide we will work together to increase charitable giving to at least 3 percent of our gross domestic product in the next three years."--Kevin Murphy, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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