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Grand Rapids, MI, has a long history of philanthropy; now a "third" generation is taking up the mantle and the older one is both excited and concerned. "The sons and daughters of DeVos, Van Andel and Meijer led the second generation of donors. And now, they are getting ready to step aside for a third generation who, besides being younger, has access to more money — and there are many more of them than the city has ever seen. Dick DeVos, a member of the second generation of one of the most philanthropic families in Grand Rapids, is confident that the third generation will change the philanthropic dynamic of the city. He just isn't sure what that change will be. 'It used to be when you only had a few people making decisions, it was a whole lot simpler,' DeVos said. 'It is probably going to become more complex.'" -- Rod Kackley, Crain's Detroit Business

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