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End of an era "and of a style embodying the best traditions" of 100 years of philanthropy: The death of Montrealer Liliane Stewart.

"Liliane Stewart died May 3 in her 86th year. With her late husband, David Macdonald Stewart, and his family, she made enormous contributions to culture and heritage in Montreal that are now so embedded in its fabric, we almost take them for granted. Her death marks the end of an era and of a style embodying the best traditions of philanthropy carried on for more than a century by Sir William Macdonald and the Stewarts. In 1917, Macdonald, one of the greatest builders of McGill University, left his tobacco business and his fortune to two Stewart brothers who had long worked for him. Out of this legacy and over decades, Walter Stewart and his wife, May, continued to fund Macdonald College at McGill, and made new endowments to life sciences and medicine at the university." -- Bruce McNiven, the Montreal Gazette

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