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It's foundations week on Capitol Hill, aka Philanthropy Week, which means that over at Nonprofit Quarterly they'll be covering things in depth.

"Unless they get completely snowed out, expect hundreds of foundation executives and program officers to be walking the halls of Congress this week. It is Foundations on the Hill week, or in brief, Philanthropy Week, in which institutional philanthropy makes its case to senators, representatives, and their staff about what’s on the legislative and regulatory minds of grantmakers. You can predict some of the foundations’ core messages: concerns about limits or floors on the charitable deduction, support for flattening and reducing the foundation excise tax, qualms about potential limitations on the value of deductions of real property and closely held business interests. But debates about 'inside baseball' elements of the tax reform approaches of Dave Camp and Max Baucus only go so far with the American public." -- Rick Cohen, the Nonprofit Quarterly

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