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William MacAskill argues that working for any high income and giving most away is a praiseworthy endeavor; international drug lords agree. 

"Jason Trigg is a socially motivated 27-year-old MIT graduate. After college, his peers worked for Teach for America or became doctors. He worked for a hedge fund. Today, he works in programming for a Chinese banking company and donates 50 percent of his earnings to the charities he believes to be most effective.

"For several years now, I and my non-profit, 80,000 Hours, have argued that more altruists should be like Jason, and consider deliberately pursuing a high-earning career so that they can donate a significant chunk of their earnings to charity. I call this path “earning to give.” While it’s not the right path for everyone, I think it’s one that most people should at least consider."--William MacAskill, The Washington Post

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