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More celebrities add to the impression that they're only into philanthropy to be like the "cool kids."

1 thought on “Hollywood: It’s like high school”

  1. Sherwyn Morreale says:

    Dear Philanthropy Daily:
    I am curious about any available statistics on the charitable giving patterns of celebrities, such as Hollywood stars, sports stars, etc. These are individuals who earn their large salaries as a result of their popularity with the general public. Giving back to that public, through philanthropic and charitable giving, would seem appropriate. As a social scientist, I am considering a study that would look at the ratio of charitable giving to amount of income of celebrities. Who are the top givers, and who is toward the bottom? I don’t want to bother if this information is already available; if it is, I would approach the topic from another angle, perhaps looking at public opinion of the giving patterns.
    Many thanks for your kind assistance,
    Dr. S. Morreale
    University of Colorado

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