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Using a replica of the Batmobile, Mike Esch gives joy-filled rides to people with cancer; spending his time and money to bring smiles and memories to others.

"Holy hot rod, Batman! Gotham’s gorgeous gas-guzzler is all about giving.

"Mike Esch of Albuquerque owns a screen-quality replica of the Batmobile from the 1960s TV series, and it’s his goal to use it to light up lives like the Bat-signal lights up Gotham’s skyline.

“'Every time I drive the car in town, it always brings smiles – no matter what’s going on,' Esch says, then recounts a time when he drove by the scene of a fender-bender where a woman was crying into her cellphone but looked up and started smiling and waving as he drove by." --Joel Wigelsworth, Albuquerque Journal


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