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Patrons of the arts have long gifted our nation by supporting the experience of beauty through museums, concert halls, and opera houses, but how do the arts garner new patrons?

"Consider the demographics at play, here. Despite efforts by folks like the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in the opera field, much of these highbrow art forms are generally enjoyed by an older demographic. In this respect, San Francisco is no different than other cities. According to the San Francisco Ballet, only one in five audience members is under 45. 

"Where the city is different, of course, is the influx of young Silicon Valley types, many of whom are still shy of 40 years old. Will throngs of 26-year-old programmers moving into the Mission District head out to the opera on their Friday nights (assuming, of course, they're not burning the midnight oil in their Mountain View workstations)? That's the $64,000 question."--Mike Scutari, Inside Philanthropy

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