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Reflections on the royal penchant for nonprofits: They have "little else to say and nothing better to do" than lend support to good causes.

"...[T]he hardest thing for hereditary monarchs to do is to find something to do. Prince Charles has spent his whole life waiting for his mother to die. When she does, he will get his first job. In the meantime, he has had to entertain himself with various causes, including architecture, alternative medicine and the environment. His son has found his passion in wildlife. I sometimes wonder if they draw these topics out of a hat. World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim said Prince William is 'part of a very special club' that looks out for those in need, be they poor people or endangered animals. The British Royal Family is indeed a special club, one that has dominion over both the United Kingdom and the animal kingdom." -- Windsor Mann, Guampdn.com

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