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Columnist says he hesitates giving to charity in part because it makes him "uncomfortable"; its inherent "selfishness" is about making the giver feel better about himself.

"My charitable habits are modest. I give a small amount to two organisations each month, and almost never make one-off donations. I have never been the type to raise money via feats of physical prowess. I once abseiled down a castle wall as part of a school charity event, but since I’d neglected to find any sponsors at all, no one was any better off for my vertigo. One reason, I think, is that I feel a bit uncomfortable giving money away. That’s convenient, I hear you say. But it’s true: I suspect my motives. I reckon that I’m only really doing it to feel good about myself, and that makes me uneasy. But if the price of my purity is that good causes miss out, maybe I should just get over it?" -- David Shariatmadari, the Guardian

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