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Chinese philanthropist Chen Guangbiao took ice bucket challenge to 11 when he submerged himself in freezing water for 30 mins., but eagle-eyed viewers think he faked it.

"Chen Guangbiao is a Chinese businessman and philanthropist. He's a wealthy man, with an estimated fortune of more than $800 million in 2013, largely built up through his recycling business. He made a name for himself in the United States last year with his now-abandoned bid to buy the New York Times, but in China he is better known for his well-publicized, though often controversial, acts of charity. Chen made his own Ice Bucket Challenge video this week, and in true form, it was completely over the top. Chen wasn't content to simply dump cold water over his head: Instead, according to images posted to Weibo, he fully submerged himself in ice water for half an hour and lay on a slab of ice. Chen says he will donate 1 million yuan for every person who can stay in ice water longer than he did." -- Adam Taylor, the Washington Post

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