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As millennials increase their presence in the workforce, the expectation of corporate social responsibility rises, according to the new America's Charities report.

"In the past three years, America’s Charities has been releasing the country’s most incisive and comprehensive series of reports on trends in employee volunteering and giving. This year’s much-anticipated report was just released, and it’s packed with encouraging – even inspiring – data for anyone who cares about employee-centered corporate philanthropy.  

"As a federation that connects public and private sector employers with charities to engage employees in greater giving, America’s Charities has been at the forefront of employee giving since 1980, helping to raise more than $650 million for over 10,000 charities. The organization’s recent report, “Snapshot 2015: The New Corporate DNA—Where Employee Engagement and Social Impact Converge,” reflects upon the evolution of employee volunteering from a small, isolated outpost of the employee experience to one that has become a central component of employee engagement – a development the report sees as a “dramatic shift” in just two years. As companies have begun to recognize that giving back is not an optional perk for employees but an expected cornerstone of every company’s DNA, employers are substantially integrating this ideology into their corporate goals and messaging."--Ryan Scott, Forbes

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