James Hudnut-Beumler

James Hudnut-Beumler is the Anne Potter Wilson Distinguished Professor of American Religious History at Vanderbilt University. He served as Dean of the Divinity School from 2000 until 2013. Prior to coming to Vanderbilt, he was dean of the faculty at Columbia Theological Seminary, a program associate for Lilly Endowment, and director of the undergraduate program in Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Dr. Hudnut-Beumler is the author of Looking for God in the Suburbs: The Religion of the American Dream and Its Critics, 1945-1965 (Rutgers, 1994) and Generous Saints: Congregations Rethinking Money and Ethics (Alban, 1999), and is co-author of The History of the Riverside Church in the City of New York (NYU, 2005). He wrote an economic history of American Protestantism from 1750 to the present, entitled, In Pursuit of the Almighty's Dollar: A History of Money and American Protestantism (University of North Carolina, 2007) and has books on the future of mainline Protestantism in America and contemporary Christianities in the American South due out in 2018.

Why cash remains sacred in American churches

Why do people still need cash in churches?