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The key to successful fundraising is to acknowledge at every turn, in every living room, from the the penthouse to the shack, the dignity of every human person.

"I became a global social change fundraiser to widen the field of opportunities. I wanted to move money to those who had been denied access. Money to me seemed to have a function: to be vibrant and fuel opportunities, not to be stalled and static in banks with ever-changing owners. While I've had some luck in life, I didn't want luck to be the basis of an economic system. I became a global social change fundraiser to level the playing field and to see if a few new fields could be harvested. In the process I learned not to judge based on resources but instead what someone had to offer.

"What does this have to do with walking into homes with chandeliers and fireplaces that light up with a flick of a switch? And how on earth can this help you raise more money?"--Kathy LeMay, Inside Philanthropy

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