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An update on Tom Crist, who won $40m in Canadian lottery and vowed to give it all away in memory of his wife --so far, he's on track.

"In what has to be one of the most remarkable tales of generosity to ever follow a lottery win, [Tom] Crist has stayed true to his promise of giving it away — all $40 million will eventually go to charity, in honour of his late wife Jan who died of lung cancer in February 2012 at the age of 57. Perhaps equally remarkable has been Crist’s total lack of ego over the whole philanthropistic affair, making zero noise about his donations and projects, and only reluctantly sharing a few details when some pesky journalist is persistent enough." -- Michael Platt, the Calgary Sun

2 thoughts on “Lottery winner endeavors to give it all away”

  1. Douglas Green says:

    asking for finamcial assistance because I need a vehicle in this hot Arizona Sun.
    whatever donation is granted would be deeply appreciated and put to good use.

    thank you very much.

  2. Holly Peach says:

    Tom Crist I’m very sorry about your loss and know exactly what you’re going through. I lost my dad a year ago March 1st from lung cancer and it was probably the hardest thing Ive had to deal with it. God bless you and I’ll definitely be sending prayers your way.

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