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In imitation of Ken Burnett's classic fundraising text, Relationship Fundraising, it is possible to take a small scale operation and turn it into a larger institution with involvement philanthropy.

"Impressive, right? So how has Kurlander found the money to build an operation on this scale? Recently, she discussed her funding strategies with Inside Philanthropy....

"The key to her approach is building bridges between beneficiaries and donors in what Kurlander describes as an involvement philanthropy model. 'The personal connection is critical for fundraising success. I think there has been a lack of emphasis in the nonprofit field on people actually experiencing the impact of programs,' she said. 'We wanted to create a philanthropy in which the giving of money itself was done in a different kind of way. Donors are not simply just writing a check. They get to know young people. They connect with them. They may lead a workshop where we bring a group of young people over to their offices. They host interns at their corporations for our Development School for Youth. Last year we placed 400 interns in corporate settings around the country. What we do is create this community in which everyone is in it together.' Business leaders routinely tell Kurlander that they feel as if 'their lives are transformed because they are connected in a very personal way.'"--Paul Suchecki, Inside Philanthropy

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