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An elderly man with dementia has information sold many times over and has money extracted from him by charities from around the world.

"New shame of the charities: Widower's details were passed on 200 times leading him to lose £35,000 and get 731 demands for cash

  • "Former Army colonel Samuel Rae was contacted by 12 scam firms after his details were passed on up to 200 times
  • "Catalogue scammers tricked 87-year-old, who has dementia, into thinking he had to buy products to win prize cash
  • "Charities also bombarded Mr Rae for up to five years after he asked them to stop, some asking for money 38 times
  • "His son Chris demanded a crackdown and said charities who passed the data on were ‘as bad as the scammers’'--Daily Mail Investigative Unit, the Daily Mail

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