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Caveat donor: a Michigan based charity feigning support of Firefighters has been ordered to cease and desist from the Attorney General for fraudulent practices.

"A Wyandotte-based charity called Firefighters Support Services and its telemarketing contractor in Southfield used “misleading, deceptive or false statements” to raise $4.2 million from donors, of which only small amounts went to worthy causes, state investigators said Wednesday.

"Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette announced that his office issued a cease and desist order, effectively shutting down the charity and blocking its telemarketer, Associated Community Services, from making more calls on its behalf.

"Firefighters Support Services had contracted with the call center to make thousands of phone calls nationwide, in which the  phone operators claimed that donations would “help firefighters get better equipment” as well as aid 'families that have been burned out of their homes,' according to Schuette's office."--Bill Laitner, the Detroit Free Press

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