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While millennials are not the largest donors at this point in their careers, they do participate and want to be engaged in charitable campaigns, but, please, don't send out mailers.

"I’m a millennial donor and I’m begging to be engaged.  You see, we’re not all the self-entitled brats that the media says we are. We’re actually quite a charitable generation, with 84% of us giving charitably in 2014. But times have changed and so have our motivations for giving. We might not support what our bosses support, and we may not give where our parents used to give. We are giving to what moves us, and what we want our world to be like for our children one day. We’re emotionally driven.

"I’ll be honest – I’m not going to be your largest donor. With the student loan debt that followed my master’s degree and the first years of home ownership, that just isn’t going to happen. But I might be your biggest donor one day. As I continue to grow in my career, I think a lot more about charitable giving and the impact that I want to leave in this world.  Did you know that millennials represent the single largest generation in history?  In 2015, rumor has it that millennials will have more buying power than our parents, the Baby Boomers. So what does this “emotional” and purposeful giving look like and how can you engage us?"--Kathleen Wagner, the Saporta Report

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