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38 years ago, candy heiress Helen Brach disappeared in heist attempt, but thieves didn't know her millions were safe in foundation that still carries on philanthropy.

"Known as 'The Candy Lady,' Helen Brach was one of Chicago's richest widowers [sic] after inheriting the Brach Company fortune when her husband Frank died in 1970. When Mrs. Brach went missing 38 years ago this week in a murder plot aimed at stealing her fortune, swindlers didn't know that her money was untouchable. It had been hidden away in a foundation bearing her name- an organization that continues to pay out decades after her death. In an old South loop office building, up on the 13th floor, is a small office marked by a small sign: Helen Brach Foundation. But there is nothing small about the fortune behind the foundation." -- abc7chicago.com

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