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As governor of Minnesota, one of the most charitable states in the nation, Mark Dayton probably should be ashamed of giving away mere $1,000 in 2012.

"Gov. Mark Dayton said Wednesday that he is embarrassed by the tax return he released Tuesday, showing that he gave only $1,000 to charity despite total 2012 earnings of $343,234 last year. 'I pride myself on my charitable giving and I’m disappointed in myself,' Dayton said at the end of a briefing with reporters on another issue. 'I totaled it up and noticed I had fallen off, so I will remedy that.' The drop was significant from 2009, when Dayton, then a gubernatorial candidate, earned $172,475 mostly from family trusts, and donated nearly $27,000 of that to charity." -- Abby Simons, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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