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Overall, 81% oppose such tax incentivization, according to new survey from Institute for Policy Studies and conducted by Ipsos. Ninety percent of conservatives oppose it; 80% of liberals do.

While 82% of Americans support the work of private charitable foundations, according to an online survey released yesterday that was commissioned by the left-of-center Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and conducted by Ipsos, 81% agree strongly or agree somewhat that “U.S. taxpayers should not have to subsidize billionaires and other wealthy Americans who wish to create permanent legacy foundations that will exist in perpetuity to give donations to charities of their choosing.”

Ninety percent of the more than 1,000 respondents categorized as “Conservative/Republican” agree strongly or somewhat with that statement; 80% of those categorized as “Liberal/Democrat” agree. Of those in a category labeled “Far Right,” 73% agree and of those called “Far Left,” 83% agree.

The survey, conducted last month, also finds that Americans are unaware of how private foundations and donor-advised funds work, 69% support for a 10% payout requirement for foundations and DAFs, and 72% support for a requirement that DAFs make grants within two to five years of receiving donations.

IPS supports reform of the legal structure of philanthropy and nonprofits in America.

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