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The Self-Help Myth explores the role foundations have played in supporting the conditions that keep people in poverty without giving them opportunities to get out of poverty.

"Foundations have long have poured millions of dollars into activism by California farmworkers to improve their well-being and the state’s agricultural system.

"Yet today conditions for farmworkers are as bad as they were 30 or 40 years ago. California’s farm laborers, especially in the Central Valley, still live in poverty and often lack decent food and housing. The state still relies on large-scale farming that pays low wages, is labor-intensive, and uses contract workers toiling in poor conditions that go unmonitored by either the state or federal government.

"A new book explains why: Foundations and wealthy donors who have supported the farmworkers over the years have rarely been willing to put their money into union and community organizing, political action, and risk-taking strategies that could drastically reduce the inequalities that beset the Central Valley."--Pablo Eisenberg, the Huffington Post

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