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bcWorkshop, Dallas architect's nonprofit collaboration in Brownsville, TX, is taking regional colonias and building infrastructure and new development.

"Brownsville, Texas, sits high in the rankings where cities want to come in low. It's the poorest city in America, with 36 percent of its residents living in poverty. ...This part of South Texas is known for its colonias, neighborhoods that developers conjured out of worthless land back in the 1950s to sell in small lots to poor, mostly Hispanic buyers, sometimes with false promises of improvements to come. There are about 1,800 colonias in Texas, and many still lack basic infrastructure like paved roads and sewage. Against this backdrop, the body of work produced in and around the city over the last few years by a small design nonprofit and the local CDC is all the more remarkable." -- Amanda Kolson Hurley, CityLab.com

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