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When the "little balloon is a little behavioral nudge": Canadian columnist resolves not to give to charities at the checkout stand anymore.

"How many times over the holidays did you get asked if you wanted to 'add a donation to [fill in charity name here] to your total' at the checkout? Me, I lost count. I do know that I was asked three times in an afternoon by three different retailers if I wanted to make a donation to the same local children’s hospital. I know I said yes at least once. This is so-called 'checkout charity,' or, in fundraising lingo, 'donations added to point-of-sale transactions.'” According to one survey, it is a method used by 29 per cent of Canadians who said they gave to charity in 2014. So glad to know I’m not alone in bleeding at the checkout! But this is a method of charitable giving that I’ve resolved not to use in 2015." --  Jennifer Robson, Maclean's

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