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Nonprofit Troops Direct helps US soldiers by providing necessities--from body armor to Gatorade--they may not otherwise have while deployed.

" TroopsDirect, an organization that fills custom orders from servicemen and women in the field, at sea and on U.S. bases, has seen requests from troops shoot up 300 percent in the last three months, according to Aaron Negherbon, founder and executive director of the San Ramon, Calif.-based nonprofit. 'As a civilian, I thought that everything that servicemen needed in the battle space would be provided to them,' said Negherbon, whose organization provided Mahaffey's unit with equipment it could not acquire through its military supply chain. 'I was shocked. And when you get that first email back from a soldier that says, "You saved lives with that item," how do you stop?'"-- Ted Kemp, CNBC.com

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