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Over at BlueKennel -- a blog well worth bookmarking, by the way -- Howard Ahmanson remarks on a recent WSJ article on "wealth camps" for the inheritor class, and he adds an interesting observation about the relationship between a classical Great Books education and philanthropy.

Something like that would be a great thing for trustfunders, especially the "true" trustfunders who will probably not be going into "business."  Heirs often have mental blocks about the complexities of trusts, estates, investments, and such things that they are often assumed to know instinctlvely.  We know every college salivates after these people; one of them ought to start a “Rich Studies” program!

Also, trustfunders are the ideal market for a Great Books or classical education program.  Not having to worry about earning a living, they can focus on classical liberal education singlemindedly; and what they learn there will help them in both philanthropy, which requires knowing a little bit about a whole lot of things, and the history of art, which all rich people are expected to know instinctively these days anyway.

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