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Peter Singer's effective altruism prevents sufferings before funding the arts; and if it costs less to save more animals than humans, we should put animals first.

"Many Americans give to charity, but few do any research on the charities to which they give. Much of that is what psychologists call “warm glow” giving — when people who are comfortably off give $10 or $20 to a charity, it’s more likely because it makes them feel better than because they are serious about helping the charity’s cause.

"Meeting social expectations drives another segment of giving. We respond to what our church, mosque or synagogue expects from us, or to what our college friends tell us they are giving to the alma mater. If someone we love died from breast cancer, most people will nod approvingly if we buy a pink ribbon. Few will ask how much money is already going to breast cancer research or whether our donation would be more worthwhile if directed elsewhere."--Peter Singer, The Washington Post

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