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Since 2005, chef has run The Chow Train, a food truck that feeds the homeless; last week, San Antonio police slammed her with $2000 fine and claimed permit violation.

"Local [c]hef Joan Cheever has been using The Chow Train, her nonprofit food truck, to help fight hunger for years.... The mission behind the truck - fight hunger one plate at a time.... Every Tuesday for about a year, Cheveer [sic] and her volunteers have been going to Maverick Park outside downtown San Antonio to feed the homeless. Cheever says on any given Tuesday she’ll serve anywhere from 25 to 75 people. Two days ago, Cheever was issued a ticket by a police officer. 'They said because what you’re doing is illegal, and it’s against the city ordinance,” Cheever told News 4 San Antonio." -- www.FoxSanAntonio.com

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