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Want to read more about Philamplify? Maybe hear it compared to Zagat instead of Yelp, for a different take? Well, the Atlantic has your back.

"This month, the NCRP unveiled Philamplify, a website that the Washington Post describes as 'Yelp for the philanthropy sector.' But that sells the site short. It offers not just crowdsourcing intel on philanthropy, but also expert evaluations, two types of assessments that are rarely conjoined. Philamplify features detailed, independent reports on the nation’s leading foundations produced by NCRP staff and provides a forum for the public to weigh in on those foundations’ successes and failures. Philamplify builds on recent efforts that the sector has undertaken in its almost fanatical dedication to achieving and monitoring 'impact.'" -- Benjamin Soskis, the Atlantic.com

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