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A new poll surveyed the opinions of the general public regarding charities and 2/3 of Americans are confident that charities do their jobs effectively and well.

"Almost two-thirds of Americans have a great deal or a fair amount of confidence in charities, according to a new Chronicle poll — the first to measure public views on that question since 2008. More than 80 percent said charities do a very good or somewhat good job helping people. But a significant number expressed concern about finances: A third said charities do a 'not too good' or 'not at all good' job spending money wisely; 41 percent said their leaders are paid too much.

"Half said that in deciding where they will donate, it is very important for them to know that charities spend a low amount on salaries, administration, and fundraising; 34 percent said that was somewhat important.

"And 35 percent said they had little or no confidence in charities."--Suzanne Perry, The Chronicle of Philanthropy

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