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An outline of options.

Establishment progressive philanthropy has enjoyed resource superiority over conservative philanthropy in America for quite some time, and the imbalance is probably growing. While a number of right-of-center policy-oriented grantmakers have historically achieved some successes nonetheless—enough for left-of-center ones to explicitly try mimicking their giving strategies and tactics—and they can certainly still do so in the future, it’s becoming more difficult. And Big Philanthropy and its allies are trying to make it even more so.

Apparently emboldened by the rapid advance of “wokeness” in so many other contexts—including ones that might have been thought more receptive to conservatism in general or at least strands of it in particular—the U.S.’s elite politicized philanthropic infrastructure is taking a more-aggressive stance against those conservatives who might once have wanted to be part of, but were long marginalized by, it. Unfortunately, this posture sometimes includes almost-insolent implications and insinuations about motivations and morality, of institutions and sometimes individuals.

Even more unfortunately, though, it also has been and is seriously jeopardizing that which was to have been all of nonprofitdom’s underlying charitable purpose.

Hence here an outline of “Options to Consider in Reaction to Establishment Progressive Philanthropy’s Resource Superiority Over and Attacks on Conservative Philanthropy.”

1 thought on “Reacting to establishment progressive philanthropy’s resource superiority over and attacks on conservative philanthropy”

  1. Drew Anderson says:

    Aggressive outreach could be best carried out by “aware” foundations and individual donors underwriting efforts by compatible organizations so a broad based funding source can add legitimacy.
    Someone with stature or some group or panel before a group will have to start up the efforts and make the case for long term programs .

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