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Wondering how Mark Zuckerberg's $100m gift to Newark, NJ, school system has worked out? Rick Cohen discusses new longform New Yorker piece on it.

"Dale Russakoff has a long piece in the New Yorker on the impact of Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million donation to the Newark public schools. The article is well worth a read, an excellent example of the long-form journalism that is becoming increasingly rare in the face of the obsession with boiling complex issues down to a few oversimplified paragraphs online. Russakoff tells the story of the interactions of three people: Zuckerberg, the donor; Cory Booker, the Democratic mayor of Newark; and Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey. Russakoff astutely captures the long friendship of Booker and Christie, noting that Booker 'had been a champion of vouchers and charter schools for Newark since he was elected to the city council, in 1998,' though in his campaign for mayor, Booker distanced himself from vouchers.'" -- Rick Cohen, the Nonprofit Quarterly

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