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Food-waste composting program kicks off in Santa Fe; diverting trash will help city reach its "zero waste" goal while reducing methane.

"A pile of food waste as high as Mt. Everest – equivalent to 2 million pounds – is predicted to be diverted from local dumps in the inaugural year of a food waste compost program that began this week in Santa Fe. The environmental nonprofit Reunity Resources, in partnership with the Santa Fe Environmental Services Division, is picking up food scraps from restaurants and other sources, and delivering it to Payne’s Organic Soil Yard on Agua Fria in Santa Fe. There, over time, micro-organisms will turn it into compost. Unlike backyard composting, this project is able to take all food scraps, including meat and bone, because the pile gets hot enough to destroy any potential germs." -- Andy Stiny, the Albuquerque Journal

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