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"I don’t think the spirit of Hollywood is such a spirit of generosity," says Simpsons producer Sam Simon, who's dying of cancer and giving his fortune away.

"Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in February and has now announced he will leave his multi-million dollar fortune to charity. Simon, 58, who developed the concept for The Simpsons in the late Eighties with Matt Groening, revealed in May that he had between three and six months to live." -- the Daily Telegraph

3 thoughts on “Simpsons’ Sam Simon giving it all away”

  1. Kara Beer says:

    Commenters: Please note this website is not associated with Mr. Simon or his philanthropic projects. If you have a cause you’d like to contact him about, try contacting his foundation directly. Thanks!

  2. Hello Mr. Simon…I am submitting my (no kill) animal rescue for your consideration as you look for worthy rescues to donate funds to. My rescue is located in Sandy Valley, Nevada and it is called “Lone Woof Rescue”. My website is http://lonewoofrescue.net/ and my Facebook page for the dogs is https://www.facebook.com/pages/LONE-WOOF-Rescue-1/451970564879155. My rescue is a nonprofit and is run completely on donations. There are times I wonder if I will have enough money to purchase dog food, but the Lord watches over us and somehow the funds come in. We have never raised enough to “get ahead”, however, we’re hanging in there.

    I have made many trips to California Kill Shelters to rescue dogs (many just in time before they were scheduled to be put to sleep…several mommies with puppies came home with me…at one time, I had two mamas with 15 puppies between them who’s eyes hadn’t even opened yet and they were scheduled to be killed!) That was unacceptable. I removed my bedroom furniture and built a couple of cubicles in the bedroom for the mamas and their babies…nurseries so to speak. Then I fenced in my carport for them to have a “play pen” once they got older and needed space to play (without getting hurt). The dogs I rescue are mostly the “bully breed”, but I rescue all breeds of dogs. When I first began my rescue, it wasn’t just dogs. I had pot bellied pigs, Nubian goats, rabbits, Peacocks (one was pure white), you name it, if someone didn’t want it, they brought it to me.

    I have recently built new kennels in which I installed a Misting System to keep the dogs cool in this desert heat. I have very little help (and no money to pay someone to help me) so I do all the labor myself. At 54, I’m not a spring chicken and my muscles take a beating, but I get it done. Recently (last week) I was visited by Animal Control…an unexpected visit…and she gave me a great review. Said most rescues she visits aren’t nearly as nice as mine. I have built all the dogs their own doghouses from scrap wood I get here and there. They all have their own soft blankets and fresh food and water every day. Toys are donated so they have enrichment activities. Everything I do is for the dogs.

    I understand you have made a statement that you will be donating money to animal rescues and I would like for you to consider my Lone Woof Rescue, as one to be on your list for consideration.

    I feel sad that the doctors have given you a diagnosis of terminal cancer. I’m praying for you that you can beat it and that you will be a cancer survivor. Many have. Perry Damone, Vic’s son, has just kicked cancer in the butt and is in complete recovery. This is my prayer for you too. Oh, Perry took a beating, but he fought back and kept his spirits up. My mom is friends with him and she told me about it.

    You, Mr Simon, are in my thoughts and prayers. May our Heavenly Father watch over you.

    JD Lonewolf (aka: James Dahlund)
    Lone Woof Rescue, Sandy Valley, Nevada

  3. May the Lord watch over . I respectfully request your mailing address in which I can send you a letter speaking of my church and its projects that might appeal to your philanthropic heart. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read my request.

    Yours in Christ,
    Fr. michael Pastrikos

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