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Incoming Slovakian president Andrej Kiska started by sweeping floors in NJ; has given 2.5m to Good Angels, nation's largest charity, which he cofounded.

"Andrej Kiska, an independent businessman-turned-philanthropist, won Slovakia’s presidential election, defeating Prime Minister Robert Fico’s attempt to tighten his grip on power, according to preliminary results. Kiska, 51, who went from mopping floors in Delanco, New Jersey, in the early 1990s to founding Slovakia’s biggest consumer-loan business, benefited in the runoff from supporters of candidates eliminated in a March 15 first round. Velvet Revolution icon Milan Knazko and opposition lawmaker Radoslav Prochazka said they’d vote for Kiska to thwart Fico." -- Radoslav Tomek and Peter Laca, Bloomberg.com

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