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A "tectonic shift" in conservative movement? Where immigration reform is concerned, think tanks diverge from "treasured ally" Heritage Foundation.

"In what seems like a tectonic shift in the world of conservative nonprofit think tanks, a bunch of the most powerful and prestigious—Americans for Tax Reform, the Cato Institute, the Kemp Foundation, the Hispanic Leadership Fund, and the American Action Forum—came together on a press call to lambaste the longtime exemplar of conservative political thought, the Heritage Foundation. Under the leadership of its new CEO, former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint, Heritage recently issued a hardline report against immigration reform. Heritage’s erstwhile ideological allies on the right basically think the report stinks." -- Rick Cohen, Nonprofit Quarterly

"In what was almost certainly an unprecedented press call, top fiscal conservatives from Americans for Tax Reform, the Cato Institute, the Kemp Foundation and the American Action Network took what had once been the premier conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation, to the woodshed for its immigration report that sees trillions in cost and no benefits from immigration reform." --Jennifer Rubin, the Washington Post

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