Stacey Egger

Learning from the extraordinary life of Ruth Pfau

Philanthropists and foundation leaders would do well to note that Ruth Pfau’s extraordinary work did not arise from a careful “strategic” plan, but from a disposition of love and eager response to the needs she saw before her.

Rise of direct cash transfers reinforces the “effectiveness” of traditional charity

While giving cash directly to strangers is an act as ancient as almsgiving, recent uses of technology by philanthropic organizations have created a new playing field.

The Unsung Role of Local Nonprofits in Reducing Crime

Ordinary citizens and local nonprofits have been essential to the great crime decline of the last two decades.

NACC accreditation program seeks to redefine legitimate philanthropy

By delegitimizing the role of “untrained” individuals, communities, and small associations for charitable work, a recent move for accreditation of nonprofit academic programs will arguably take a heavy toll on civic engagement and social entrepreneurship.