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The current Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump, refers to himself an "ardent philanthropist"; here is a summary of his foundation's giving.

"Donald Trump, meanwhile, has called himself an "ardent philanthropist." Unlike his son's foundation, though, the Donald J. Trump Foundation doesn't have much of a web presence. The foundation has been around since 1987, and according to the most recent tax filings available, gave around $913,000. In 2012, the foundation gave away around $1.7 million. Trump spreads his money around to a number of different outfits, but grants rarely exceed $100,000. It is possible that Trump does much of his giving outside of his formal charitable vehicle, and that more recent gifts—which we can't track—have been larger, but the money coming out of the Donald J. Trump Foundation that we can see is modest compared to Trump's $4 billion net worth.

"Of late, Trump has tended to give modest sums to a number of national health organizations such as American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Alliance for Lupus Research, Autism Speaks, Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America, and more. One particular health cause does not appear to be favored over any other. It is worth noting that in 2011, Trump and his siblings gave a $1 million gift to support and name the Institute for Implant Analysis at the Hospital for Special Surgery, which treated Trump's parents."--Ade Adeniji, Inside Philanthropy

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