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As part of conservation initiative, Walton Family Foundation spent $16.6m on restoring Colorado River, making monkey wrenchers suspicious.

"Since around 2005, the Walton Family Foundation has been pouring funds into environmental issues, with one of its main interests being the Colorado River. As part of the foundation’s freshwater conservation initiative, the funder gave $16.6 million to the cause just last year. Here's where it went. The Walton name doesn’t always inspire feelings of warmth among environmentalists, but for good or ill, the foundation of the world’s wealthiest family has come to have a tremendous influence on conservation, especially water issues. Within its freshwater initiative—one of two environmental subprograms along with marine conservation—Walton has made restoration of the Colorado River one of its top priorities. About 18 percent of the massive funder’s $91 million in environmental funding last year went to the Colorado River and its delta." -- Tate Williams, Inside Philanthropy

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