Hunting animals in the UK will not be punished as frequently, says the new Chief Executive of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a charity and major prosecutor in Britain.

"Jeremy Cooper, the RSPCA’s newly-appointed Chief Executive, has promised a more consensual and less political approach to the charity’s animal welfare work. In a recent interview with the Daily Telegraph he said he thought the organisation had become “too adversarial” and that it would be “very unlikely” ever to bring another prosecution under the Hunting Act which a Labour government introduced in 2004.

"The comments were not welcomed by more virulent animal rights activists, with one — a Gloucestershire hunt monitor called Penny Little who is a member of Protect Our Wild Animals and monitors hunts in the Cotswolds — launching an online petition demanding Mr. Cooper be “sacked” from the post he took up in April."--Sarkis Zeronian, Breitbart News