Charles Ortel continues his mission to spread the word about the abuses committed by the Clinton family by means of their foundation: he is emphatic that their behavior was fraudulent.

"It is certainly possible that Hillary Clinton may win the presidency before the whole truth becomes known regarding operation of and fundraising for the Clinton Foundation and all its related entities.

"Alternatively, if the general public digs into the facts and goes to the public record, justice may be administered to all those centrally involved in perpetrating what seems to be the largest and most far-reaching charity fraud ever attempted anywhere on earth.

"The downfall of Hillary Clinton and of her family  for having, in my view, illegally used a charity to derive personal financial gains might then become an example not to follow: a cautionary tale useful, in future, to constrain others from even daring to consider such pursuits."--Interview of Charles Ortel by Dady Chery, the New Junkie Post