Fly to London and hang out with Mark Hamill; that is this month's prize for the top moneymaker of the Force For Change charitable drive.

"Each week for the past month, Lucasfilm has released a new video featuring different prizes — a trip to Skellig Michael, where Luke was in exile; autographed stormtrooper helmets; a remote control BB-8 — but the latest has a personal touch.

"This week’s top moneymaker will be eligible to win a trip to London in July for Star Wars Celebration Europe, and included in that is a chance to hang with Mark Hamill for any number of activities. He says whatever the winner decides to do has to be within the boundaries of good taste and not illegal."--Anthony Breznican, Entertainment Weekly

Photo: By Rob Chandler - originally posted to Flickr as Me & Luke SkyWalker (Mark Hammil), CC BY-SA 2.0,