This author is not a "gamer" even for education, but there is a new "game" that represents how the wealth of Bill Gates increases even as he tries to give it away; you can't win this game.

"Anti-poverty campaigners have launched an online video game satirizing Bill Gates' global philanthropy by featuring a pixelated version of the billionaire flying across a stereotypical African landscape.

"‘Save us, Bill Gates’ was released on Friday by UK campaign group Global Justice Now in a bid to highlight the business magnate’s role in international development.

"The game’s creators opted for 1980s-style animation, and have made it impossible for Gates’ character to lose money. Players must try to throw away all his money within 30 seconds by clicking their mouse. But no matter how hard players click, the billionaire’s wealth increases as the game goes on due to his investments in fossil fuels and tax avoidance - making it impossible for him to donate his fortune."--RT Question More