West Chester, PA – American Philanthropic is pleased to announced its partnership with Innovest, an independent provider of investment-related consulting services for retirement plans, nonprofits, families, individuals, and family offices. Innovest partners with organizations and corporations that further its mission of becoming thoughtful stewards responsible for its clients, professionals, and community.  

American Philanthropic CEO and Principal Partner, Jeremy Beer, said, “It’s an honor to partner with Innovest, an extraordinarily impressive firm that provides exceptional value to nonprofit organizations. We look forward to working with them to help worthy American nonprofits grow.”

Innovest helps its clients further their mission through a unique nonprofit management perspective, an experienced team, custom portfolio solutions, fiduciary guidance, and uncommon service. Innovest assesses its clients’ individual goals, time horizons, risk tolerances, and cash-flow needs to create custom solutions geared toward the unique needs and values of each of its clients.

Richard Todd, Innovest Co-Founder and CEO, said, “We are proud to work with American Philanthropic. We share common values and our services are very complementary as we serve our common nonprofit clients.”

American Philanthropic is mission-oriented, and Innovest understands the importance of mission-aligned investing. American Philanthropic’s partnership with Innovest ultimately serves to promote the “art” of civil association by improving the effectiveness of American charitable foundations and nonprofit organizations. 

About American Philanthropic
American Philanthropic exists to promote the art of civil association by helping philanthropists, charitable foundations, and nonprofit organizations grow and flourish through practical guidance, strategic analysis, and actionable expertise.

Rather than peddling secret methods or promising fast results, American Philanthropic focuses on what matters—doing the right things, the right way, consistently over time.