Effective altruism and atheism seem to go hand-in-hand, but Patrick Njoroge vows his life as a faith-filled member of Opus Dei while he serves as governor of Kenya's central bank.

"Heads of central banks seldom achieve celebrity status, but residents of the Kenyan capital regularly stop Patrick Njoroge on the street to talk interest rates and the state of the economy, even to snap selfies. 

"The tall, slim governor of Kenya’s central bank is a far cry from many of the continent’s top officials. He evinces no interest in amassing personal wealth, and he’s a numerary in the Roman Catholic group Opus Dei. That means he has taken a vow of celibacy and lives with others of his religious rank in a group home, after declining to live in the regal Nairobi residence reserved for the country’s central bank governor."--Matina Stevis, The Wall Street Journal