Typhoid and syphilis still ravage victims, and the Gates Foundation hasn't overlooked them, with recent gifts of more than $10m for research.

"We're always impressed with how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation keeps up the battle against diseases that science and society have all but forgotten. For example, the foundation recently made a $6.5 million grant to Tulane to study congenital syphilis, a sexually transmitted disease that hasn’t run rampant in rich countries since the 18th and 19th centuries, but remains in major menace in the developing world. And here's another bygone scourge the foundation has long targeted: typhoid fever. Gates recently made a major gift to fight the disease. The two-year, $4.9 million grant was awarded to SK Chemical and the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), both based in South Korea." -- Sue-Lynn Moses, Inside Philanthropy