Corporate social responsibility continues to rise both nationally and internationally; India has a law that corporations give 2% of their revenue, but there is and should not be a similar law in the US.

"Social good. In this era, it is more important than ever. Corporations have realized it too. It is the reason that there are a growing number of companies adding corporate social responsibility in their business.

"Consumers love to support brands who allocate a portion of their dollars to noble causes. As a consumer, you probably are more likely to give your dollars to a company doing social good in their community. Wouldn’t you agree?

"Perhaps, you may be someone who does not care either way. However, more than half of consumers are interested in companies who dedicate some of their profits to social good.

"According to a Nielsen study, 55% of online consumers stated that they would pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact."--Kallen Diggs, Huffington Post