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Parents are the first teachers their children have, but not the only ones, and grandparents can play an integral role in teaching children about charity; this grandma shares her experience.

"Many young children have a basic sense of fairness and kindness. Helping a playground pal up after a stumble. Saying, “I’m sorry” when a friend’s pet dies. Making a special birthday card or gift for a family member. As those children mature, how can others quietly move these basic instincts into a desire to help through charitable giving?

"Growing up, my children were aware of helping and giving because as a fundraising and development professional, I told them stories about my work life and how rewarding it was to bring donors and the needs of charitable institutions together. They watched how my husband and I always carved out time to participate on boards of nonprofit organizations and lend a hand to make fundraisers successful. They learned to help in the community."--Mary Kay Poppenberg

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