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A PSU press conference that was to announce a $100M donation is canceled as it came to light that the donation was a dud; two top officials have resigned.

"Two top fund raisers at Portland State University have resigned after a public-relations catastrophe surrounding a $100-million donation that never materialized. The Oregonian reports the president and chief executive officer of the PSU Foundation, Francoise Aylmer, and another fund raiser, Kristin Coppola, announced Friday they would step down.

"Last week the university planned to hold a news conference announcing a $100-million gift from an unnamed former student. They called it off, however, when they money never came through. The Oregonian later reported the would-be donor was John Michael Fitzpatrick, 'a tech promoter with hardly any obvious assets and a history of insolvency.'"--Andy Thomason, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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